Dating in your 30’s – Sluts or Babies?

You banged your way through your twenties like the whore that you are and now the thirties have become your cross to bear. If going out and meeting women seems a little different, it sure is. Dating in your 30’s is a whole new ballgame with little to do with balls. At this juncture, focusing on the future seems to be whispering in your ear as all around you friends are locking into marriage and kids. Better to realize what you want and how you plan on getting it before you turn forty, look around and say, “What the hell happened to thirty?” Here are some of the candidates you may run into for a potential mate selection.

She Wants Them and She Wants Them Fast

Yup, she wants to pop out little wailing babies like a slot machine win. Before you even start a conversation while dating make sure you want them too. Really think about this one because everything as you know it will be turned on its head once children arrive. These ticking bio women will be the most receptive to everything and anything you throw at them just to get a ring on their finger and your seed way up in there. Be careful because they can turn into real porn stars in the bedroom that will certainly skew a possible marriage decision. After kids? Well good luck with that one.

No Way That’s Coming Outta Me or Is It?

Then there are the women who want to remain in their own Sex and the City bubble. These types want to continue their twenties romp with constant restaurant dates, lots of drinks and if you’re lucky some decent sex. They do not want kids up front but may change their mind forty-two times before dessert. She may seem like the perfect match because essentially she’s a woman sort of acting like a guy. The downside is that she is probably dating several men which means she will have her weekly pick of what flavor she’s in the mood for. It can turn into a difficult yo-yo scenario.

My Ex is a Dick

Lots of women have been there, done that by the time they hit their thirties. This includes divorce. Although dating a divorced woman is beneficial when it comes to knowing what they want, you may have to deal with ex-husband abuse which may have you thinking that this is how you will be portrayed if things turn sour. If kids are in the mix then plan on meeting him and see firsthand who had her horizontal before you.

There are other types you will meet but overall, dating in your 30’s will have you yearning for more of a mental connection than physical. This does not mean you will be seeking a three hundred pound professor, it just means that having someone to connect with will be more important than vapid, drunken conversations about the best bars to play beer pong.






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