5 Best Tips to Nail a Job Interview

Dr. Frank Bernieri, associate professor of the Department of Psychology at Oregon State University reports that, “…first impressions are formed within thirty seconds and often make the crucial difference in a job interview…” If this is true, you literally have to wow someone by the time you are done shaking hands. Take a gander at these 5 best tips to nail a job interview and maybe you will be able to get through the initial ‘how do you do’ without being judged right back out the door.

1. Do Not Go In There Cold

You have to be a complete dope if you do not prepare for your interview. This means:

• Research every aspect of the company.

• Be prepared to answer questions about your skills, job history and goals.

• Update and memorize your resume.

• Ask competent questions about the position.

• Arrive with all needed documents.

• Be on time.

2. The Cover Will Judge Your Book

Your interviewer will scan you in an instant and an immediate visual impression will be formed. Therefore, the right fashion and grooming choices before you walk in are essential. Your clothing should be wrinkle free, up to date, not flashy, not cheap and must compliment you in fit and color. Also, pay someone to shine your shoes. Scuffed up, dull shoes shout that you are a slob.

3. The Subliminal

The visual interview will mesh with the subliminal subtleties you portray. Here are a few to consider:

• Use a firm handshake

• Make direct eye contact

• Do not over talk about bullshit

• Stay positive and refrain from negative comments about anything

• Shut your phone off

• Do not chew gum or candy.

4. Confidence

Wavering, stuttering and plain old hedging when trying to answer questions, all echo a lack of confidence. Before your interview, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are the perfect candidate for this position. Remember, an interviewer wants the best person to walk through the door so they are rooting for you. However, do not overdo it because over confidence often comes off as pompous, desperate or both.

5. Language

Someone just failed their job interview because they said axe instead of ask. Someone else bombed out because they said ‘like’ for every other word. How you talk speaks volumes about you and your intellect. Choose your words carefully and present yourself in a professional manner. Your interviewer may seem cool but don’t assume you can use words like dude, s’up or ayaight.

These 5 best tips to nail a job interview will hopefully have you hired in no time. If any of the above are too challenging then find yourself a stylist, language coach or anyone that can give you a helping hand. Also, setting up a role-play interview scenario with someone can help you prepare. If it is your significant other, after the interview you can do something fun on the desk.


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