3 Best Hangover Cures – Bender Please?


So you did it again. You dumped so much alcohol into your pie-hole that you woke up feeling like someone lopped off your head, put it in a washing machine and re-attached it to your neck. Now you have to go to work, listen to your whining woman, have brunch with the parents or wrangle your kids to school. How the heck are you going to survive? Well, by choosing one or all of these 3 best hangover cures you may be able to stave off the worst of it.

1. Wake Up and Drink

No do not drink alcohol or coffee. The alcohol will make you feel better temporarily however later on it can sucker punch you worse than you are now. Caffeine will wake you up but it will dehydrate you further. Start with three to four glasses of room temperature water. If you have lemon or lemon juice add it to the water. The brand Emergen-C makes powdered vitamin C, mineral rich single multi-flavored packages you can also add to water.  These packs are excellent for replenishing electrolytes and can be found at many supermarkets, health food or vitamin stores. Gatorade or another power drink are also okay alternatives. Another great drink is a kiwi banana shake which is loaded with hangover killing potassium. Follow with an alternating hot/cold shower. This will stimulate your system and circulation making you feel much better.

2. Multi-B and Alka-Seltzer, Not Aspirin

Alcohol strips your body of vitamin B. Get yourself a multi-B and take it with large amounts of water. If you can, try to take one before bed. In the morning, reach for the Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief brand. This formula has been reported to immediately relieve a hangover. Taking aspirin will only thin your blood increasing the effects of the alcohol still in your system. It can also tax your already struggling liver.

3. Go Spicy

Many feel that bombarding your system with a spicy concoction can rev up the blood and snap you back into reality. Here are some hot tamale remedies:

• Water, lemon juice, Tabasco sauce and soy sauce

• Eggs with jalapenos on an onion bagel

• Any peppery soup – spicy black bean is a good source of vitamin B

Overall, preventing a hangover is your best bet. When sauntering around the bar or party, finish your drink and before you start another intertwine a glass of water with a lime or lemon wedge. People will think you are nursing vodka while instead you will be re-hydrating your system and waking up way better off than them. However, the 3 best hangover cures above may still be needed if you forget to maintain your water dosage and end up waking with your head spinning while lying next to, what’s her name again?


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