4 Killer Workouts For Stronger Legs

Your legs are made up of some of the strongest muscle groups in the body. Following a plan to enhance these muscles can increase your stamina and result in some impressive sculpting. These 4 workouts for stronger legs will target each specific group to build strength and tone. Keep in mind though that these exercises can be stressful on parts of your body, especially your knees, which may be weak. Be sure and check with your doctor or trainer before attempting these workouts so as to avoid injury.

1. The Squat: Tried and True

Doing squats is the most powerful and effective leg strengthening exercise that surpasses all other leg workouts. It targets the full gluteus group, the hamstrings, the quads and the calves. In addition it strengthens the lower back and in some cases the abdominals as well. It is important to maintain your center of gravity when squatting being sure not to allow all your weight to land on the knees. There are certain techniques to stabilize your form while at the same time getting the best burn available.

• Elbow Squat – Jumping and landing about three times will usually set you in a proper squatting position. Bend at the hip and knees and stay in this position with your elbows on the inside of each knee. By slowly pressing your knees outward you should be able to drop down some more while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Each time you cannot go any further push and drop some more. Stand and repeat.

• Deadlift Squat – By adding a benching bar across the posterior trapezius (behind your neck) with varying weights (depending on your ability), will work out your legs considerably. Also, holding dumbbells in each hand while squatting is another variable.

2. Climbing Workout

Climbing steps or an incline is a surefire way to build leg strength. Find a location that you can access at least three times per week. Start by climbing until you feel a muscle burn and then turnaround, descend and repeat. On steps, climbing two at a time will also increase results.




3. Leg Lifts

Here is another simple application that can be done virtually anywhere. While lying on your back, bring your chin to your chest and without bending your knees raise your legs. Be sure and keep your legs together and raise them no more than six inches off the ground. Add a scissoring motion and also turn onto your stomach and do reverse raises.

4. Machines

Using gym equipment is a great resource for leg strengthening. Set up a three time per week leg training workout. Use the leg press, leg extension (quads) and leg curl (glutes, hams and calves) machines in a three set each, ascending weight workout.

There are many approaches beyond these 4 workouts for stronger legs that can be tried. However, starting with any one of the above choices will certainly set you on the right path.


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