3 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

For those that indulge, there is nothing better than sitting naked and sweaty next to your lover and lighting up a cigarette after a sex-a-thon. However, we all know that continuous smoking will wreak havoc on your system. Therefore, apply these 3 best ways to quit smoking. If you stick to them, within three months, your red blood cells will hold more oxygen giving you a spike in much needed energy in addition to a laundry list of positive results from quitting.

1. Alternative Medicine

Visiting a naturopathic doctor (ND) can prepare your body for the physical and mental stress it will experience when quitting cigarettes. By using herbs, homeopathy, diet adjustment, hypnotism and acupuncture (naturopathic doctors are often licensed hypnotists and acupuncturists), this practitioner can help you stave off what is considered a more difficult withdrawal than heroine. Your organs including your skin, liver, kidneys and lungs will all be supported prior, during and after your quitting regiment. If a naturopathic doctor is difficult to find then seek out a sole acupuncturist, homeopath, herbologist or other holistic practitioner for assistance.

2. Strength in Numbers: Counseling

There are many support groups that employers, health insurance companies and even community organizations can recommend to help you get through this difficult task. Being surrounded by people going through the same symptoms you may have will result in you feeling less alone, less angry and less depressed. Also, it just may score you a date with a fellow female quitter.

3. Big Guns, Big Meds

Sometimes certain people just do not have the willpower to avoid tobacco through the above means. If you are one of these people and do not care about any side effects that may be attached to a prescribed medical approach, then give it a whirl. There is:

• Nicotine Replacement Therapy – This is the coveted over-the-counter nicotine patch. lozenge or gum to take the edge off this highly addicting chemical. Prescription nicotine therapies include an inhaler or nasal mist.

• Bupropion – This heavy hitter with names like Wellbutrin or Zyban will stop cravings including those beyond tobacco, like food. It is roughly an eight to twelve week or more regiment with side effects that include dry mouth, insomnia and sometimes seizures.

• Varenicline – A new kid on the block that goes by the title Chantix works as a two pronged approach. It blocks nicotine receptors in the brain while at the same time stimulating them to ease withdrawal. This also works with a twelve or more week schedule that includes nausea, bad dreams, mood disturbances, behavioral problems and visual challenges are some of the preliminary side effects.

Either way, these 3 best ways to quit smoking can help save your life. Be sure and discuss with your doctor which approach you may want to choose. If you can, avoid trigger scenarios like bars, parties or boring situations that will make you reach for ‘just one’. Once you succumb it is all downhill from there.


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