Road Rage: Don’t Get Shot in the Face

Many of us have either received road rage or shelled it out. Dealing with the plethora of personalities rolling around the roads can be a daunting experience. Sure we want to gouge the eyes out of the guy who cut us off because we just got into a fight with our woman and want blood, but we all know how ugly that can turn. Getting behind the wheel of a potential weapon (vehicular manslaughter anyone?) should give us pause before we hit the gas. Take a moment to peruse some of these road rage tips so you can avoid pummeling a dopey driver or getting shot in the face.

The Horn

This little device can be a life saver or a finger in someone’s eye. Nowadays with everyone texting at a red light only to remain stationary when it turns green, there is no wonder so many horns are being blasted. If you need the idiot in front of you to move, give them a kind horn tap. Most will move. On the other hand, if you lean on it and shake your fist you are asking for a confrontation.

The Brights

Okay so you need to do 100 mph to make up for your small cock. Don’t terrorize the poor bastard who doesn’t know what the fast lane means with your incessant flicking of the brights. If you need your speed then you do something about it instead of being a road hog bully and you go around. If you come across a bright flicker, try to move over if you can and pray they get a ticket or fly off the ravine. In addition, this little power play of turning your constant brights on the guy that annoyed you can easily get you stabbed in the neck.

The Look

For some reason, everyone seems to need to peer into the offending car. Here, you not only open up your chances of slamming into the guy in front of you but you give the other person an opportunity to fuel your rage and start an incident. Keep your eyes on the road and ignore hot headed numb skulls.

Do Not Get Out

If it comes down to a nut job exiting his vehicle to confront you, roll up the windows, lock the doors and get on your cell phone. Call 911 and try to describe the car, the person and the license plate if you can see it. Also, if you are able, snap a picture of them as well as their car. Too many people get out and never make it back in.

Take Them Where They Belong

If someone insists on taunting you, drive to the nearest police station and hope they follow you to the front door.

Confronting road rage to defend your manhood ego is the biggest waste of time you can muster. Pay no heed to the occasional tantrum thrown your way and, just like a child, they will have no choice but to wither away.


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