Signs That She Is Faking an Orgasm

Intricate, yet telltale signs that she is faking an orgasm can be found in visual, tactile and audible indications that no woman can fake. The reasons for acting out a carnal explosion can be anything from being too tired, never having had an orgasm or just not being able to enjoy sex (huh?). Keeping a keen eye on your lover instead of concentrating on getting in there and pumping away like a wild rabbit will help you be a less selfish partner and her to hopefully shudder with delight.

The Bean

Flicking the clitoral bean needs to be done with patience, variety and communication. Once the clitoris retracts under its hood this is a good sign that you are not going to get a true orgasm but instead something akin to lots of breathing and moaning.

Some Shvitz

While gyrating and growling, if she does not have any semblance of sweat or hot skin, especially on her face, chances are she’s looking for an Oscar.


If her face is warm then check for a red flushing of the cheeks, neck and ears. This is an indication of the extra blood flow throughout her body which will most likely lead up to an orgasm. For some, no flush, no payoff.

Nasty Ho

Some women lose their minds and social manners in the throes of passion requiring some real dirty talk to get them flopping into the big O. If she lies there, when she is usually screaming out something like, “Go balls deep you fucker! C’mon pound that thing!”, then it is probably a fake.


If it is just too much panting and moaning she’s not only a bad actress but she will probably pass out from hyperventilation.

Doggy Style

Vaginal orgasms are rare and unless you are giving her clit a good reach around, doing it doggy style will most likely not produce an orgasm. If she is screaming and moaning while you dip it from behind, you might as well enjoy the show.

Crazy Eyeballs

Look into her eyes. If she is squealing like Jenna Jameson on speed but her pupils are not big dark dilated circles, you better do something quick or go invest in a penis pump.

The Shudder

If her body shakes and shudders as she claims to cum and then gets up two seconds later to check her cell phone, it’s a ruse.

The Puddle

If your woman is notorious for squirting out a puddle and it does not happen, you, my friend, have lost your touch.

The Glance

If you catch her looking over at the bedside clock you might as well just pack it in and call it a night.

The best thing to do is communicate with your woman. There is no need to look for signs that she is faking an orgasm when all you have to do is make her feel comfortable enough to tell you when it’s working and when it’s not.


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