Healthy Breakfast Choices: Stick to High Protein and Low Sugar

Considering healthy breakfast choices is to think outside the box. Most people will grab what they can to dampen the morning growl and get on with their day. However, when you treat your system right, it is as if you are getting into a high luxury car as opposed to squeaking along in a broken down wreck. All it takes is keeping the right ingredients in your home and deflecting any jibes your friends and co-workers may throw at you when you deviate from the usual grease laden, sugar coated menu items.

Coffee Substitute: Yerba Mate’

Coffee is a tasteful, social giant that has the addicted population spouting out a laundry list of desired needs for one special five dollar cup from their local barista. Unfortunately, it wreaks havoc on your central nervous system, stains your teeth and brews some pretty rancid breath. Try substituting your coffee with yerba mate’. Yerba mate’ is a highly caffeinated tea from the leaves of the tree of the same name. It is botanical caffeine as opposed to legume based and offers a slow, energetic climb without the pending crash that requires another cup two hours later. Plus, it is loaded with antioxidants so it actually helps your body as it wakes it up. Try the company Guayaki for low-sugar, herbal infused flavors.

Fruit and Nuts

In the morning, your body is in detox mode. This is why you have oily skin, bad breathe and an immediate bathroom visit. When you eat a heavy breakfast, detox mode slows down to digest it. Encourage your body’s natural cleansing by grabbing fruits that will move through your system quickly. Nuts, although a little harder to break down offer high protein and complex fats. The combination of the two can actual boost your brain power beyond any cup of Joe.

No Yellow, Just White

Egg whites are a great source of protein. The yellow is fat.

Fruit Shakes

A pure fruit shake without sugar or frozen yogurt is an easily digestible, high energy start to the day. Good combos are blueberry or strawberry and banana, watermelon with a dash of lemon and avocado and raspberry (sounds gross but it works).


Oatmeal is another protein heavy, fiber rich choice. Add flax seed, raisins, blueberries, almonds and a little honey for the perfect combo.

Scrambled Tofu

Get extra firm tofu (made from soy beans). Cube and saute with onions, turmeric, garlic, olive oil, green peppers and vegetables. Eat with whole grain or wheat toast. It is fast, easily digestible and once again, high in protein.

Better Butters

Try almond, hemp (sorry you won’t get high on this) or sunflower seed butter on whole wheat toast. These are protein packed and full of vitamins.

Don’t succumb to fattening, sugar heavy foods to start the day. They will bog you down and deplete your energy. Instead, grab some of the healthy breakfast choices above or invent your own and hit the ground running.


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