Methods of Controlling Premature Ejaculation Can Vary For Every Man

Choice is yours!Methods of controlling premature ejaculation are varied. The reason there are several methods of controlling premature ejaculation is that there is no one cause of it; different men are suffering from it for different reasons.

The reasons that a man may be suffering from premature ejaculation are known, but it’s never known which man has which reasons behind his problem until some testing is done. Therefore, if you suffer from P.E.  and you try just one of the methods and get no results, never give up. You are not incurable. You are not hopeless. It just means that you didn’t try the method that gets to the root of your personal problem.

One of the methods that has proven effective for many men in controlling premature ejaculation is the taking of serotonin uptake inhibitor drugs called SSRIs. These were originally developed to treat depression and anxiety. However, the same thing that often causes anxiety attacks in people is the same thing that can cause P.E.–a lack of serotonin in the brain. Thus, these drugs, which can only be gotten through prescription, have proven effective for many men in dealing with P.E.

Due to the fact that SSRIs are expensive and require a prescription, and because some people are gun-shy about synthetic pharmaceuticals, some men have turned to newer all-natural supplements such as the specially formulated Detain X.

But of course, P.E. is not always caused by a lack of serotonin, any more than anxiety is. Anxiety might be caused by psychological factors, and in fact this anxiety might actually bring on P.E..  Anxiety and PE can go hand in hand.  If a man is feeling anxious when he is trying to make love to a woman, he could be distracted and not exercise the learned control that all men need to have over reaching climax and ejaculating. On the other hand, if what he is anxious about is having sex and not ejaculating too soon, his worry over his potential performance may actually bring about the very thing he fears most during sex: P.E.

In situations like this, a man might seek out a hypnotherapist to help him re-program his subconscious thoughts and remove the psychological blockage that’s causing the anxiety. Perhaps the man had a bad first sexual encounter with a gal who wasn’t really very nice and now he feels great fear whenever he’s getting ready for sex. Perhaps it’s something else. But hypnotherapy has proven to work for some people with a wide array of psychologically based problems, and that includes premature ejaculation.

And for still other men, especially younger men, their premature ejaculation is a matter of ignorance. They haven’t learned how to slow their own climaxing, which is something that simply doesn’t come naturally for most men. These men can often cure their P.E. problems by masturbating and learning how to stop friction for a moment just before they would ejaculate, and with this “start-stop” technique be able to last a long time in bed. Other men have success with Kegel exercises, which involve practicing and learning how to squeeze the PC muscles at will. When the PC muscles are squeezed, no semen can flow into the penis; and thus the semen backs up into the testes, preventing ejaculation.

Try different methods of controlling premature ejaculation until your problem is solved if you suffer from P.E.

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