Defense Awareness: Be a Sheep Dog

For the most part, your life is probably crime free. Chalk it up to luck, circumstance or both but never rely on them. Defense awareness is being able to integrate certain habits into your daily routine that could help maintain your continuing safety. These tiny adjustments, that you may even be doing already, not only keep you vigilant but also send a message to anyone sizing you up. The wolf looks for the slow, un-attentive sheep that is easy to kill. The sheep dog looks for the wolf.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head

You will notice that people rarely glance behind or above them. Getting into a pattern of looking around as you walk through any setting will keep you informed of your safety status and let others know you are awake and ready.

Deterrent Moves

Positioning can confuse and thwart a potential attack. Here are a few options:

• When walking on a sidewalk and a possible threat is coming toward you, move into the middle of the street.

• If you are unable to walk in the street, as the threat gets closer, act as if you see someone you know over their shoulder. Wave your hand, yell out a fake name and start jogging toward your “friend”.

• If it looks like you are going to be physically attacked pull out some coins and throw them into the attacker’s face, following with a fist or open palmed blow to the chin. If you do not have coins, you can use anything, including spit.

• While standing at a urinal, extend your arm and place your hand on the wall in front of you. This will stop someone from being able to bash your head into that same wall and steal your belongings.

• When entering room, bus, train whatever, make fast eye contact with those around you. This puts people on notice that you are not asleep at the wheel.


You are surrounded by usable weapons which include house keys between your fingers and street garbage that may be waiting for pickup like a piece of wood or metal. Your cell phone is also a weapon by using it to call for help and even take a picture, if you can, of someone threatening you. Even a woman’s high heel can be highly effective as a puncturing device.

Car Assault

Do not neglect to look under, around and inside your car before entering it (in that order). Try to open your car door before you unlock it. If it opens, close it, lock it and look closely inside while getting ready to run. Once in your car, immediately lock the doors.

These are a handful of defense awareness techniques you can use on a daily basis. Overall, when you find yourself too deep in thought or your electronic device, stop, look and listen. Your sixth sense is always there, trust it and stay safe.


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