Marriage Tips No One Tells You – A Peek into the Future

There is good reason why more than half of all marriages end in divorce. It is a long road with twists and turns that many succumb to. Much of this can be avoided. Many men wish someone had sat them down while they were drunk in love and smacked them over the head with marriage tips no one tells you. Here are a few:

Do Not End Up With a Nagging Fatty

Women will do anything to hide their overeating until they seal the deal. If she is always on a diet and struggling with her weight it will never end. She will pack it on as the kids pop out and the years go by. At the same time she will display dramatic, emotional highs and lows due to whacky hormones and a low blood sugar level that constantly needs feeding. You may love her, but love wanes as the waistband widens.

Opposites Do Not Attract

Whoever said opposites attract was in a bad marriage. Finding someone that likes the same music, food, politics, religion and entertainment as you is rare but it can be done. In the beginning, many women will act as though they like your tastes but in time your individuality will be struck down. Make sure she is the real McCoy by delving into her past for clues of what she claims to enjoy. Life is so much easier when you are on the same page as your partner.

Is She High Maintenance?

You may like the package but all that sparkle will need paying for.  An earthy girl may not be exotic, but she will be practical and inexpensive.

Family and Friends

Her family and friends will be with you for life. This means weddings, funerals, baby showers, graduations, picnics, vacations and more. If you do not think you can stomach a majority of her attachments, then run for the hills and find a girl from a small family with a handful of friends.

Blinded by the Bedroom Lights

Barking dog, wallpaper-tearing sex often comes during dating exploration. Many women will cut back considerably even after only one year of marriage. Ask your engaged friends to try this old test recipe:

1. During your first year of marriage, every time you have sex, put a jellybean in a jar.

2. After one year, every time you have sex, take one jellybean out of the jar.

3. Count how many years it takes to empty the jar.

Get Off Spring or Not to Get Off Spring

Kids are about ten percent fun and ninety-percent work. They also throw a wrench in your sex life. If you do not love them and need them, then marry a forty-five year old.

These are only a handful of marriage tips no one tells you. Look real hard into the future and visualize how you want to see yourself. Is it, yelling at little brats and a fat wife or lying in a hot tub with a twenty year old gymnast?


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