Casey Anthony: Hot Deranged Villain or Selfish Victim

It is inconceivable when any child perishes. The ripple effect is beyond imaginable as recently displayed in the reaction to the Casey Anthony murder trial. People were beside themselves as they poured into the court room and surrounded the court house with handwritten signs of anger and confusion. These people, who seem hell bent on stopping and gawking at any train wreck, rarely consider the fact that anyone can produce a child but everyone needs a license to drive. 

A Young Mother’s Mistake

Not every woman is ready to be a mother. Nowadays, having a child at forty years old is becoming a lot more common. This leaves young women in a whirlwind of career and fun, until a mistake is made. Barring the decision to abort, having a child as a twenty-something can reap all sorts of resentment and neglect. It is by no means a reason for murder but what if there was an accident? Caylee Anthony may have fallen victim to a mishap as her mother and possibly grandfather may have taken grand measures to cover it up. Measures that proved successful. Would Casey have been a better mom if she was more prepared?

Birth Control and Education

Passing the required driver’s test enables a teenager to get behind the wheel of several tons of steel as everyone else crosses their fingers. However, getting impregnated and having a child is considered a ‘God given right’ at practically any age. What if there was mandatory birth control and education? Starting at the age of twelve, girls and boys would receive a temporary sterilization shot that would be reversed when they pass a ‘parenting class’ and graduate high school. These teens can opt to remain sterile until they feel prepared enough, mentally and financially, to responsibly rear a child. Could this hypothetical scenario create a manageable population? Could it produce less familial strife with happier households of children that will grow up to be intelligent, honest, positive members of society? Could it quell child abuse or even murder?

Who are these People and How Would You Disappear?

If more people felt as strongly about the imploding environment than they do about the Casey Anthony trial maybe some change would occur. Unfortunately, these individuals are convinced that their voices are essential, creating an unnecessary, circus fueled distraction. That means they will be at your trial if you slip up enough to warrant public scrutiny. Casey Anthony disappeared after the trial which was no small feat. Every phone call, every purchase, every computer log-on would have to be done through back channels for the rest of her life. It is almost a prison unto itself.

Is Casey Anthony another hot, deranged, villain or was she just a panicked, selfish young woman who made all the wrong decisions? It is a scene that is too often unfolded in front of our eyes, giving some heartache and others a mission.


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