How to Date a Younger Woman

The best thing about learning how to date a younger woman is the sex. Why do you think almost every politician, rock star, actor and the like, are seen with a perky, young piece of arm-candy hanging off them? It is mainly because the tight, perfectly lined, sweet, smooth bonus of a young body is intoxicating. However, you will have to keep them interested or they will evaporate back into the grab ass merry-go-round of your competition.

Get Off Your Old Sack

You do not want to become the tired old guy. Younger women want to do things and that does not mean eating pizza and watching comedy sitcom re-runs. You will have to succumb to dazzling them with fun restaurants, movies, concerts and parties. Also, do not be cheap. Either hire a two hundred dollar an hour pro or spend your ducats twirling around your prized younger woman.

Do Not Reveal Your Gaga Factor

When you are drunk on her youthfulness and feel impervious to your world of ex-wives, needy kids or suffocating job, do not salivate all over her about how much she means to you. It is too creepy during dating and leaves you open to all sorts of vulnerabilities.

Find Some Things She Likes

She may seem interested in your retro-tastes but be sure and look for something to embrace that she loves. Whether it is music, food, art, animals, whatever but genuinely validating her interests will let her know that you do not think she is below you because of her age.

Ignore the Chasm

Regardless of your age difference, be sure to keep that conversation locked in a box. Mentioning age is a sign of weakness and may be taken as insecurity. Women hate insecurity. It makes them feel unsafe.

Watch the Unconscious Condescending Remarks

A younger woman may not be as experienced as you in some things. When a faux pas arises refrain from saying something that demeans her. You do not want to turn into the constant teacher that the student ends up resenting. Correct her in private with a humble, apologetic approach so you do not seem like the “I’m smarter than you guy”.

Validate Her Intelligence

If you date her and dig her she will teach you many things. Let her know what you have learned and how much you appreciate it.

Sexy Time

Ok here is where you separate the boys from the men. Pull every trick you have learned out of your hat and rock her world. You may also want to have a backup plan and get some hard-on meds to keep on hand. After the second, sweaty session in a row she may want more.

Knowing how to date a younger woman can keep her happy enough to stay on your arm. But remember, once you slip up the guys her own age will swoop in like white on rice.

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