How to Date an Older Woman

You start up a conversation with a woman that is a little more put together and confident than most. Soon you find out she is five or ten years older than you. Panic sets in as you suddenly wonder if you actually know how to date an older woman. You sit up in your chair paying more attention than usual wishing you had put on the cologne your dad used to wear. She has a super Cougar force field, repelling the wit and charm that usually mesmerizes the giggling, vapid, gaggle of younger tail. This is a challenge. This is the stuff legends are made of.

Do Not Act Like a Dope

An older woman is going to tire fast of your usual, juvenile antics such as:

• Loud outbursts or anger

• A know-it-all attitude

• Obsession with video games

• Drug and alcohol abuse

• Controlling behavior, like jealousy

• Throwing around money

It is time to step-up and act like the man you really are. Show her you are not just another six-packed, Jersey Shore wannabe but someone that can hold a real conversation.

The Cerebral Bait-n-Switch

She wants to drink in your youthful physique and stamina so now is your chance to play hard to get. Challenge her mind by listening and verbally sparring with what she has to say. Ask questions but do not seem too eager to learn. Throw some knowledge at her and make each conversation cerebral foreplay so she cannot wait to wrap her legs around you. Remember, do not give in too soon, savor your flavor and let her know that sex is not the only thing on your mind.

Update and Demonstrate

Get some music and films from her generation. Research them and pick your favorites to randomly sprinkle into a conversation or play when you are getting cozy. At the same time, turn her on to current trends she may not be exposed to that you like. Burn her a CD or give her a book you have read.

Never Mention Age

Act as though your age difference is perfectly normal. Never mention it and by all means never, ever joke about it unless you want to see her nice mature ass sauntering away.

Keep an Open Mind

She may expose you to everything from art and food to business, politics and older friends. Do not try to sound smarter than you are when learning new things. Instead, ask questions and let her know how you enjoy being educated about her world.


If you are lucky she will rock your world with older woman moves. Remember, she may not be as flexible or energetic as the young ones but she will most likely be more passionate and aware of her body.

Learning how to date an older woman comes with experience. It can be a path of challenged learning as well as sensual improper motion. Be yourself while keeping your child within, at bay.


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