Men Dating Tips: Dating More Than One Girl

istock_000006871983xsmallIf you’ve got your eye on more than one woman and would like to date them both, there’s nothing at all wrong with a single man dating freely.  However, men dating tips, and those for women too, usually state that dating more than one person at a time is the surest way to self destruct, or at least set yourself up for plenty of confusion and hassle.

Since dating is a rather loose term that may mean different things to different people, it’s important to know if you and the women you are seeing are all on the same page.  To do this, take the high road and be upfront with everyone at all times.  As is with most things in life, this is yet another instance where honesty is simply the best policy.

Should you ignore the warnings and choose to keep your romantic liaisons a secret, be prepared to devote quite a bit of time making sure they don’t find out about each other, keeping things straight, making sure you don’t slip up or say the wrong name, and be aware that socializing with the same crowd is out of the question.

All of these can be rather exhausting, not to mention weighing heavy on the conscious, but by being truthful, you’ll be able to enjoy your social life as you should.

You’ll definitely want to devote yourself equally to the women you are dating, making each feel special and as if you are worthy of their time and attention.  Also, make sure you’re dating multiple women at the same time for the right reasons, and not because you view it as some macho act or something you think men are supposed to do.  However, if you do feel you’re up to the challenge and able to handle more than one relationship at a time, by all means do so, but simply remember the potential ramifications in the meantime.

Have you considered the possibility that one, or more, of these women is interested in more than simply dating and wants to take the relationship a step further, as in an exclusive, committed relationship?

Many women, not all of course, can be rather possessive by nature at times, especially when they really care for a man, so it should come as no surprise if sooner or later she announces that she wants you all to herself.  Be prepared to stick to your guns if dating several women at a time is a decision you intend to keep, even if it means losing her, and be able to say, “I’ve enjoyed our time together, but I’m really not ready to be exclusive with anyone right now.”

In some instances, this may make you even more alluring to her which will cause her to either vamp up her efforts of keeping you interested, or cause her to pine for you silently from afar.  In either case, keeping her feelings in the forefront of your mind is advisable as the last thing you want is to gain a reputation as someone who only cares about themselves, a sure turn-off for all women.

When heeding these or any other men dating tips and advice about seeing more than one woman at a time, remember to always be true to yourself and your word and the rest will fall into place.

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