Who Should Pay For A First Date – Don’t Stress, Invest

Unless you are some poor scrambling artist that has scored a wealthy Cougar, it is you who should pay for a first date. Although women have advanced considerably in the last fifty years when it comes to their societal role, it is still bad form to make them shell out, especially on a night that has the potential to be remembered in infamy. “Remember our first date?” You do not want to grimace when you hear those words years later. Now there are exceptions but they are few and far between. Overall, do not get on your dating horse if you are concerned about how much money you are going to have to spend to get laid.  That is what a professional is for.

Who Asks?

If you court a woman to the point that she finally accepts a date with you, then prepare to turn into a human ATM machine. Working hard to get her attention and then asking her to go Dutch (split the bill), will turn her vagina into a virtual chastity belt. You have to step up and show her that money is just money. Now, if she suggests treating you to a date, well then the ball is in your court. You can take her up on it and then return her generosity on the second date or slip away and pay the check (be careful, this tactic could backfire if she insults easily).

If You Pay, You Say: “I’m interested”

Dr. Michael Stirrat, an English researcher from St. Andrews University stated, “When a man offers to pay for the meal he is to some extent saying “I’m interested, I’d like a second date, I’d like to see you again”. You, like most men, may rarely take into account what goes into a date for each gender. You basically shower, maybe manscape a little, throw together something that matches and off you go. A woman spends days thinking of and often purchasing a new outfit, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and bikini wax. Sometimes this can surpass what you will spend on the date, tenfold. So think of it as an investment, just as she did.

Take it Easy Big Spender

When paying for the first date you do not want to stress. Make a rough outline of places that will feel comfortable to your wallet. If you start off by taking her to a high end place, chances are it will be expected for the following dates thereafter. Do not take her to counter service at the local Irish pub food joint and save the five star French number for your first anniversary. Pick fun, moderately expensive, lively places and leave room for a quiet late night drink.

Save your shillings and find someone to invest in. It really does not matter who should pay for a first date, it is connecting beyond the physical that matters (it’s okay if you just threw up in your mouth a little).


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