5 Turnoffs To Women

As you strut around thinking you are God’s gift to women, you may want to re-assess how you approach the opposite sex. Sure, your package may look good but if you are not aware of at least 5 turnoffs to women then you are just another knucklehead with nice clothes, a nice car and really stinky cologne.

1. Don’t Be A Cheap Bastard

Before you even roll out your proud nine incher, most women will clamp up their junk when they see your display of cheap bastard-ness. If you do not have the ducats then downsize your catch to a woman with hair under her arms who likes to eat at McDonalds. Do not try to woo a smoking hot, high-maintenance woman unless you are going to pay for everything and not complain once. There is nothing that will get your date more hot than you tipping the wait staff, paying for a parking garage instead of searching forty five minutes for a spot while she rolls her eyes or getting the best seats to an event.

2. Stop Talking

Here’s a newsflash, women do not give a shit about your job, car or stereo. The less you talk and the more you listen will have your woman thinking you are some kind of superhero and the flood gates will open. Ask questions, act interested (who knows you may actually like hearing about her girlfriend’s weight problem) and rarely go on about yourself for more than thirty-seconds. She’s going to ask about your life to be polite, just do not ramble on like some lovesick, desperate for any connection, sniveling little man-boy.

3. You Smell

Let’s face it, most women are squeaky clean. This means you should be too. Follow some of these tips and her turnoffs will turnaround:

• Brush, floss and get to a dentist: Bad breath is usually undetectable so clean your teeth and gums regularly.

• Trim and scrub your junk: That 70’s cock fro is way out. Trim it down and make sure your area is soapy clean.

• Use deodorant that works (DUH!)

• Get rid of the uni-brow, back neck growth and if you are a hairy beast get waxed for god sake.

• Get fashion advice and dress to impress

4. Anger Dickhead

Do not be the jealous, controlling angry guy. Anger will immediately shut her down. So a guy cuts you off, take it all in stride and show her you are saving your anger to protect her not impress her. Making her feel safe without causing a scene is the stuff that got James Bond laid all the time.

5. Do Not Be A Selfish Lover

Okay so you really want to get in there and start pounding away. Wrong. Kiss, cuddle and fondle while watching bad television or movies and eventually she will be the porn star you jacked to that morning.

Being aware of your appearance, attitude and manners will have these 5 turnoffs for women giving you no problem whatsoever.


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