4 Best Cardio Workouts

If you find yourself gulping for air after some simple missionary sex then try these 4 best cardio workouts to get back in the game. Climb stairs faster, run for the bus like an Olympian or improve your marathon time by increasing your blood oxygen levels and expanding your lung capacity. If you do not incorporate cardio into your workout all your tough guy weightlifting will mostly be useless. Keep it even and strengthen your muscles as well as your stamina.

1. Run

If the high impact of running is not a problem for your knees or back, get out there. According to a study published by the Journal of Leisure Research, “Bouts of rigorous activities, such as running, performed on a daily basis excite and refresh the brain, which leads to improved attention, performance and sharpness.” Although the treadmill or elliptical is sufficient, running outdoors will challenge your body with the varied elements and running platforms such as grass, dirt, concrete and natural inclines. Keep in mind that a person weighing approximately 145lbs. running at about 5 m.p.h. for thirty minutes can burn upwards of 300 calories.

2. Kickboxing

There are many gyms that offer kickboxing classes. The workout is highly aerobic and targets the body in multiple ways. Jumping, kicking and punching are the primary moves that remain continuous throughout the session so the body is being worked on all fronts. It sculpts as well as pushes you to maintain optimal cardiovascular flow.  Your heart rate will pump at a 120 b.p.m. (or more) for over twenty-minutes so your fat will shed and your strength will increase.

3. Jumping Rope

This low tech, do anywhere exercise is the reason why so many professional boxers can last up to twelve, three-minute rounds. It incorporates your arms, legs, torso and more with continuous movement that will have you gasping for air on the first try. In time you will be doing the many fun tricks associated with jumping rope not only enhancing your cardio workout but impressing friends and family.

4. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most beneficial cardio workouts for your body. Due to its constant action and little loss of electrolytes (you cannot sweat when you are swimming) the body is challenged on a high level that has also been associated with slowing the aging process. According to Dr. Joel M. Stager, a researcher at the University of Indiana “When you look at all the standard physiological markers associated with the aging process, we see that every one of them is slowed dramatically in people who swim regularly”. It requires forced breathing techniques that fall into a steady regiment enabling your body to create a rhythm that can easily kick in when used out of the water.

Working with each of these 4 best cardio workouts will allow you to decide what works best for your body. Always check with your doctor if you have specific concerns such as weak joints or breathing issues like asthma.


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