Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

There are ways of preventing erectile dysfunction that you and/or your partner can attempt, practice and perfect. After a few sessions you will begin to see results that will have you stepping off the sidelines and into the deep, penetrating action on the field. There is no need to be overly concerned or shameful (as this can even add to the condition), just become accepting and willing to incorporate some techniques that will hopefully help you last longer.

Hit the Weights and Tread
Being physically fit helps blood flow and mental clarity. It makes you feel proud of your body, enhances deep breathing and can be highly beneficial in controlling erection. Even if you make it to the gym just two times per week and stick to a regular workout regiment chances are your condition will improve.

Workout the PC Muscle
The Puboccocygeus muscle is a hammock like structure running from your pubic bone to your tailbone (coccyx). It is responsible for ejaculatory control and distance. As you work on strengthening this muscle you will be able to reduce or increase your erection. One way to work the PC muscle is to stop and start urine flow. Another way is to tighten and loosen your sphincter (anal) muscle while sitting in a meeting, watching television or talking on the phone. “Nothing, just working on my PC muscle.”

Eat Crap = Sad Penis
Let’s face it, if you are destroying your body with pizza, soda, chips, cheese and the like then your all around performance will be noticeably hampered. According to Dr. Sheldon Burman, M.D. founder and director of the Male Sexual Dysfunction Institute in Chicago, “When the arteries in the penis become partially clogged with fat and cholesterol, maintaining an erection becomes more difficult.” Limit your meat, fat and carbohydrate intake replacing it with live foods like fruits, vegetables, brown rice and beans, clean fish or skinless chicken.

Quit Smoking and Drinking
Another penis blood constrictor is the use of tobacco and alcohol. Reducing high intake of these drugs will allow your body to work at optimal levels and therefore encourage healthy circulation.

Performance Anxiety
Erectile dysfunction is often due to your mental wiring. Creating anxiety for yourself will surely put you in ED-ville. Try some of these mental techniques:
• Communicate – Discussing with your partner your concern.
• Fantasy Foreplay – Let your freak flag fly. If you sport wood getting wild and weird go for it, she may too.
• Massage, Visualize and Stroke – Before sex, visualize yourself performing deep and slow. Massage the ‘taint point (t’aint your balls, t’aint you’re asshole) while getting the shaft filled with blood by stroking it.

Get Medical

Meds for ED work. See your doctor about the right amount and brand for you. In addition, if you are taking other medication, ask if it may cause an ED side effect. Preventing erectile dysfunction is possible. Try some of the above remedies and see what may be best for your individual needs.


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