Licking, Manscaping, and Oral Sex Techniques


Who doesn’t like a good knob polishing now and again? Oral sex, when done right, can be a real mind blowing experience (pun intended). But what if it is not done right? What if you have specific likes and dislikes that you have no idea how to convey to your partner? In addition, what about your performance? Do you know how to give oral sex to a woman without ending up like some tongue flailing sixteen year-old groping in the dark? Communication, practice and acquired talent all come into play when going beneath the hood. Educating yourself on how to go about giving and receiving is essential to waking up next to someone that you made and has made you very happy.

Prepare the Area

First and foremost, if you want someone to even consider slurping your pole you better make sure you do not look or smell like a sweat stained, urine sprinkled, tangle of wiry pubes down there. Whether you like it or not you must manscape. Trim it or shave it off. Soap from your Johnson to your balls to your ass and back again. Once that is done, you will be golden.

Get Hummed How You Like It

When she is venturing south get verbal. Tell her you like the tip worked on like that or the shaft grabbed and pumped during the oral or the sack fondled and licked, whatever works for you let her know. Make sure to tell her how awesome she is and how turned on you are the whole time.

Lick like a Pro

The next time you watch porn is your chance to actually do some research instead of just spanking it. Each woman has a different vagina and clitoris. Some are big and floppy while others are small and dainty. Either way when you get to the Promised Land take your time. Do not dive in but simply peruse with your tongue and fingers. Stroke the outside lips with your thumbs followed by your tongue. Gently dart your tongue in and out of her. Then, when she is all worked up, use your fingers or thumbs to pull back the hood covering the clitoris just above the vaginal opening. Gently brush your tongue over it like it is your first lollipop that you want to savor forever. Tease it. Swirl your tongue around it. Then, at the same time, gently insert a finger or two and start to flail your tongue up and down, back and forth on the clitoris. Pump the finger and work that tongue until she cannot take it anymore and she vice grips your head with her thighs as she shudders and moans. Running your finger along the top of the inside of her vagina and gently pressing on the spongy, balled up mesh of nerves at the front top inside area will also make her insane for everything that is you.

Performing oral sex is an art. Practice and perfect this wonderful foreplay activity to keep the spark between you and your lover ever so hot.

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