There Are Answers To Hair Loss, Guys

Take a look at your dad or your mother’s father and this will determine whether or not you will eventually need to purchase products for hair loss. Balding in its many forms is the result of your genetic disposition. Nothing you do or eat will cause male pattern baldness. It is your body becoming sensitive to your familial hormones (a/k/a androgens) causing the scalp to slowly reject them and result in hair loss. Therefore, two treatment options should be considered. One treatment is the use of a hair product that targets, blocks and/or retards hormonal changes. The other treatment would be a hair thickening product that overrides the hormonal change.

Practically a household word, this company has been dedicated to getting it right by finally formulating a three pronged foam application using the ingredients, Generic Finasteride and Nizoral for:

  • Growth stimulation
  • DHT (hormonal) inhibitor
  • Anti-inflammatory

Approximately eighty-five percent of Rogaine users report improvement.

This product also gets high marks for hormonal blocking ingredients and minoxidil, an FDA approved hair re-growth formula. In addition they add an oral supplement for an internal approach using scalp nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B6.

This uses the same oral supplement that Pro-Restora uses however its topical solution is all natural without minoxidil or any other chemical hair growth formula. Because Procerin is all natural it does not have FDA approval, go figure.

Tricomin TricoPak
This is a shampoo, conditioner and spray that compliment the usage of Rogaine products. It uses a copper peptide technology that naturally stimulates hair follicles.

Similar to Tricomin, this also incorporates a shampoo, conditioner and additional application that work best when used with any Generic Finasteride and Nizoral ingredient product such as Rogaine.

Working as an alternative, natural formula, Crinagen is a DHT inhibitor that should be used after chemical treatments such as Propecia or Pro-Restora to maintain hormonal balance and stop your body from going into hair loss rejection mode again.

Hair Max Laser Comb
Here is an investment that some feel can render excellent hair growth results. Laser has been used for years in higher end salons charging upwards of three-hundred dollars per treatment. By owning one of these devices you can have it pay for itself after only two treatments.

Keep in mind that these products for hair loss are to be used with the utmost conservative approach. Your hair started thinning and then eventually was lost over many years, not over night. Therefore, be sure and give yourself a realistic template for these re-growth, hormone inhibiting and strengthening treatments to take effect. Normally a six month to year or more is a good time frame to consider. Before you start any treatment speak with your doctor about the product(s) of choice. In addition, be sure to take a photo of your head in very bright light while it is wet and dry before you start any treatment. Photos should be re-done and compared every six months.


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