John Edwards: Flipped the Bird from the Grave

The wtf factor is off the charts these days. Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards have all duped the American public. They were considered respectable, elected officials doing right by the common man when they themselves were acting like entitled swinging dicks that nobody could touch. Although, what evidence is permissible when attempting to prosecute these cads. Recently a tell all revenge video by the late Elizabeth Edwards has emerged and some are calling for it to be used as more evidence against John Edwards who was recently prosecuted for misusing campaign funds.

Never Underestimate a Woman

Okay so you may think that most of these sweet flowers walking around are harmless but scorn a woman and you better hide all sharp objects if you want to keep your sack. The revenge video from the grave supposedly describes everything Elizabeth Edwards knew of her husband’s illicit behavior but it is most likely inadmissible in court. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a one sided, technically produced rant that could easily have been manipulated in more ways than one. However, emotional upheavals are why we have courts in the first place so unless she held up and/or has someone in possession of written documentation pointing to more diabolical practices of her husband; it is most likely that this tape will never be shown to a jury.

Are These Women Looking at Themselves?

Maybe Elizabeth Edwards drove her buttoned up, Christian touting husband into the waiting vagina of his love child producing mistress. No one ever talks about that. Maybe Anthony Weiner’s wife barely grabbed his wiener let alone sucked it (remember she is flying around the country with an alleged lesbian). The point is that revenge tape or no revenge tape, are these women even looking at their role in these scandals? Are married women who feign shock and dismay at these dirty rotten men thinking to themselves that maybe they shouldn’t have closed up their muff store once they got a ring on their finger and banged out a few kids? It is almost epidemic on how these powerful men are acting and nobody seems to wonder why.

Learn from the Grave Tape

According to David Buss, Professor of psychology at the University of Texas, “Men crave sexual variety.” If this is the case then women need to re-assess their sexual appetites. If they cannot keep their man’s desire for variety in check then do not expect that man to throw diamonds at them to keep their desire for useless objects in check. A rant from the grave says only one thing, “I really should have bought that see through nurse’s outfit when I had the chance.”

John Edwards and his ilk are not in the right for what they did but do not judge them with emotional articles or videos when it always takes two to come apart at the seams.


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