How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

So things are going along swimmingly with your spouse and everything could not be better. You are not fighting over money or the kids and she doesn’t even bitch when you go out to play cards anymore. She is even cooking more and giving you back rubs at night, plus the sex seems to even be getting better. Then you read an article about how to catch a cheating spouse and a seed begins to grow. Could it be? Is it at all even a possibility given the great run you have been having? Sure as shit.

Bedroom Mix Up
Okay so you are having more sex but is it any different from the sex you have been having all the years you know her? If things in the bedroom are suddenly happening without any discussion or exploration beforehand you may be reaping the learned rewards from her lover. Maybe she never liked it doggy style while being spanked and now she does. Maybe she never swallowed your man nectar and now she does. These are all red flags that, although pleasurable, may indicate that she is getting it on the side.

Mysterious Texts
Watch her when she texts.
• Is she leaving the room or ignoring her audible incoming messages while you are nearby?
• When she takes a shower does she bring the cell phone into the bathroom? Again, these are red flags that you can notate and then address when you feel the time is right. If you can, get a hold of her phone and scroll through. One telltale sign is that all history is conveniently deleted.

Many married women who are in the everyday slump of taking care of what they need to do often let themselves go a little. It isn’t until you go out for that rare dinner or movie that she may doll herself up. However, be aware if her appearance seems to be aesthetically improving.
• Does she wear a different perfume?
• Is she trimming her pubic hair?
• Is she getting her hair done more?
• Does she suddenly buy new outfits?

Amass Her Ass
Gathering evidence is essential, not only for the moment of confrontation but for when it may get ugly and she tries to rape you silly of everything you ever worked for just so she can run off with Eduardo the local handyman. If she drives to work take your own trip along her route and notate the mileage. Before she leaves for work write down her mileage and when she returns check how far she traveled. If there are many discrepancies here she is most likely taking a grab ass detour. Look at her dirty underwear and if you are brave, smell the crotch. Anything weird there? Blonde pubes when the both of you are brunette?
Figuring out how to catch a cheating spouse is not the most fun or easy task but if you are persistent, one way another, you will find the truth.




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