5 Tips for Saving Money

It is as if the world has gone haywire and what you used to spend a few bucks on has become ridiculously priced. There are 5 tips you can follow for saving money so you will be able to turn your nose up at ‘the man’ and not succumb to the corporate fascism that has slowly been reaming everyone deep and hard. Take a look at your spending and re-adjust the five dollar unpronounceable coffee you order every morning or the name brand ass spreading ice cream you think you need. Be a savvy consumer and not another sad eyed sheep following everyone else into empty-pocket-ville.

1. Go Store Brand

Maybe your mother scoffed at store brand products but today they are actually in high competition regarding quality and price. Everything from pasta to mouthwash are cutting out the middle man and slapping their own store label on it.

2. Bring Your Lunch

Making lunch at home and bringing it to work can save you upwards of twenty-five to fifty-dollars per week. While you are at it, make your dinner at home too. Eating in restaurants or ordering take-out is a huge waste of money and a big proponent of weight gain. Make it a special occasion and eating restaurant food will be much more appreciated.

3. Cable: Combine and Complain

If you do not already have a ‘Triple-Play’ option (television, phone and computer) from your cable provider get one. When you see an even better deal from a competitor call your carrier, mention the competitor’s name, the deal they are offering and demand the same. Do not cave, ask for the supervisor and give them a piece of your mind. If they do not budge, switch.

4. Cut down the Cell Phone

This is tricky as everyone continues to be tethered to their cell. However, just like #3 above, when your contract ends re-assess what you need and cut it back to that. If a competitor offers a better contract become the squeaky wheel and let your carrier know that you want the same.

5. Cash is King

Many businesses will reduce the cost of particular high end items if you offer to pay in cash. Sometimes they will even wave the tax (but don’t tell anyone). This can especially be applied to electronics, catering halls and some clothing like tailored suits. Always go for a cash purchase to not only get a possible reduction but to cut back on running up your credit card fees.

These 5 tips for saving money are only a few of the many changes you can incorporate. Refinancing your mortgage, driving a smaller car and surfing free porn sites are a few other ways to get a break from a world gone haywire.


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