3 Ways To Get The Perfect Beach Body This Summer

Yup… summer is  here and that means you are going to have to take your shirt off sooner or later. Below are 3 ways to get the perfect beach body because the last thing you want is some smoking chick digging your rap and then when you strip down she gets a little vomit in her mouth. Make sure you can handle strutting around like the testosterone carrying bull you are and get your gut in shape, fast. Here are three surefire tips to have you slim down and rip up so you can compete with all those muscle heads that use their bodies to make up for the complete sentence they are unable to utter.

1. Stop Stuffing Your Pie Hole with Anything You Can Grab

C’mon do you really have to eat so much crap? You will never get ripped until you lose weight. This is a fact because that layer of fat will hide all the hard work you are doing in the gym. Let everyone see your muscle striations by getting rid of as much body fat as you can. Follow these simple steps:

• Eat fruit for breakfast

• Snack mid morning on nuts and raisins

• Eat skinless chicken, fish, rice and beans or a high protein salad with a light dressing for lunch

• Snack mid afternoon on fruit, nuts or vegetables

• Eat similar choices as lunch for dinner before 8:00 pm

• After 8:00 pm snack on fruit, vegetables, plain popcorn or rice cakes

• Drink a ton of water

• Get off or limit the alcohol for a while

• Stay away from bread, cheese, rice and pasta

2.  Move Your Fat Ass

You have to move constantly to burn calories and elongate your muscles. Run, bike, row, jump rope, rollerblade, whatever but do cardio for at least twenty-minutes to get your body’s metabolism into full throttle. In addition, walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator, walk to the store instead of taking your car and if you have a partner get into more hardcore, sweaty, pounding sex.

3. Lift Weights or Go Isometric and Rip the Crap Out of Your Muscles

Keep working out during your diet change but as the fat sheds your muscles will appear. If you can get to a gym, focus on large group exercises such as bench presses, squats, curls and leg presses. However, instead of trying to lift a Volkswagen go light with high reps as this will burn and cut up your muscles rather than bulk them up. If no gym is available do push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups and anything else you can think of.

These are just 3 ways to get the perfect beach body and if you follow them starting right now, then there is no reason you can’t be the six packed bellied he man you always wanted to be. A good tan doesn’t hurt either.

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