Meet Single Women – It’s Easier Than You Think


How do you go about finding the right way to meet single women if so many are juggling and cheating their way through the night? Well you just need to know where to look and what to look for. Single women are all around you waiting like fish in a barrel to be plucked out, primped up and attached to your hairy arm.

Straighten Up

Comb your hair, brush your teeth, take care of your skin and show you have good potential partner qualities. If your pants are hanging down or your t-shirt says. “Save a mouse, eat a pussy” you might as well join the priesthood.



Put Away Your Fangs

Being a single woman is somewhat daunting inasmuch that as soon as she leaves the comfort of her own home she is constantly on display, pretty much assaulted visually and verbally wherever she goes (especially if she has a big rack). So, to meet one that is just right for you try the simple approach. This means that you must take into account her safety, current relationship status and limited time.
The best places to give it a try could be:

• Waiting in line

• An elevator

• Hotel bar

• Train

• Airport

• Shopping mall

• A class

An easy remark on a cold start might be:  “Hey, you seem very interesting to me and if you happen to be single, like myself, maybe we could get a coffee or tea sometime?” Make sure you are prepared for the possibility of her asking what you find so interesting about her. However, mostly be prepared for a cold shoulder, but do not let that stop you. Keep trying and you will surely peak someone’s interest.

Stop Talking About Yourself

Women like to talk about nothing and everything just as long as they are jabbering away. If you chime in and break this mantra you will become persona non grata. Do not try to impress a woman with statistics, ideas or facts that make you look smart. If you meet single women that you have already been introduced to, it is the perfect opportunity to get them to talk about themselves. Use anything you know about them to get them talking. Try to be sincerely interested in the plot of a bad television program about vampires. Hopefully a nugget of something you are interested in too will arise but do not think that it is your opportunity to blabber on, remain her strong, silent ear. She will be so intrigued by your listening that once her jaw is exhausted she will be dying for information from you.

Like anything, to meet single women and make a connection takes a good amount of effort. The main thing is to be honest, a good listener and not so obvious that you want to get her naked. If you can do this, you will have her banging you in department store dressing rooms before you know it.


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