Rock Her World Tonight With These 7 Foreplay Positions

Foreplay positions for most guys is to kiss for a few minutes, play with the headlights, receive a hummer, maybe flick the bean a little and then plunge right in, jackhammering like nobody’s business.  Women on the other hand want what may seem like hours of foreplay.  Their flower needs to blossom and open for the right guy and it usually begins in their mind.  Most women can start and stop their body as if they have an on/off switch.  Men just have an on switch.  So, before you stroke her for two minutes and then go in for the kill, take into consideration the necessary mental and physical foreplay needed to keep them coming, and coming back for more.

Mind Fuck’em

Diddy said it right in ‘Get Him to the Greek’.  He said you have to mind fuck’em to “…make ‘em feel like a star…”. The first and probably most important foreplay position is getting into the mind of your woman.  Take them to dinner, coffee, a bar, the goddamn zoo, whatever but make sure you hang on their every word.  No matter what they are saying, act as if it is Eli Manning describing his game tactics or the cheat codes to Grand Theft Auto and she will get wet in no time.  Just make sure you do not talk about yourself, they have no interest.


If you are good with your hands, get some scented oil or cream and knead her every muscle.  If it is done right, she will relax and arouse. After a while start sliding your body all over hers using your lips, tongue and fingers all the while.

The Prop Up

Have your partner lie face up with three or four pillows under her lower back.  Place her legs over your shoulders and dive head first into your cunning linguist moves.  At the same time, using your index finger, enter her and then gently slide your finger along the roof of her vagina as if motioning “come here”.  This, combined with your tongue action, will have her yelling out gibberish words such as omagawd, whuhohahh, sackinabox and kelleeclarxon.

The Cow

You get on all fours while she slides underneath to get at your udder or she straddles you from behind to give you a good milking.

Classic 69

The 69 is just as it looks; her head in your crotch, your head in hers.  Try this position while lying on your side for more comfort.

Lesbo Bang

Place the spot between your balls and asshole directly on her clitoris in a scissor position and grind away.

Nipple-Clit Combo

She lies on her back and you approach from the top of her head kissing her hair, face and then breasts gently circling your tongue around each nipple with an occasional nibble.  At the same time reach down and stroke her clit.

Foreplay positions can be just as powerful as intercourse. Try some of the above or invent your own but either way, have fun trying.


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