3 Quick Tips On How To Stop Premature Ejaculation


There are some simple steps on how to stop premature ejaculation enabling you to hold back your love juice for just the right moment or the money shot, either one.  With about one in four men leaving the gate before the race even begins, you are not alone.  All it takes is a little practice, perseverance and hopefully someone that will understand your beginning plight.  After that you should be able to keep your junk in check at all times.  Below are some simple steps to stop PE in its tracks so you do not need to deal with your partner’s emotional fall out while all you want to do is fall out yourself.

Think Of Dead Babies

This old trick can sometimes work when your batter is rising. Once intercourse begins remove your mind from all the warm wetness and get some gruesome images in there.  Hopefully your penis will remain hard but your pleasure shot will stop its climb.  Dead babies, rotting flesh, that fat chick with one leg, your grandmother’s moustache, anything you can think of to stop the squirt.  Once you have been going for a while and your partner has had their fill (not yours, theirs), then announce the oncoming gusher and let it fly.

Push On The T’aint

Where’s the t’aint?  Well, it ‘aint your asshole and it ‘aint your balls, it is in between.  Okay, technically it is called the perineum and it is located, well, right in between all your junk.  This little magic spot only needs a little push and your crawling juice should retreat backwards like a turtle to its shell.  You can do it or your partner can do it and it can actually be a fun little game.  Just make sure you give it a good press and do not slip, unless you are into prostate massage then go for it.

Squeeze That Thang

Right after your plunge, when you start feeling the rush, pull out and squeeze the head of your penis.  Do not be coy here… really give it a good clutch.  It may be slightly painful but it should do the trick.  Again, if your partner is game let them do it.  Who knows, next may come whips, chains and that crazy red ball in your mouth.

So now that you have a few tips for your tip, get out there and practice how to stop premature ejaculation. You will eventually get the hang of it and then you will be ready to ride anyone, anywhere.

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