5 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Now and again if you pop your cork too soon you can end up spending hours trying to make up for it. All you want to do is sleep but your partner is not having it. Once again you are asking yourself if there is some way to control this. You can figure out how to app load your cell phone or barbeque a teriyaki chicken breast but ways to prevent premature ejaculation elude you. Well there are actually a few things you can try that just may help you get past a good wet make out session intact.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Practice holding back your orgasm during masturbation.  Bringing yourself to the edge and holding back will help you control yourself during the actual act. Start with a dry palm and see how long you can go. Next, lubricate and operate. This is always the harder challenge however if practiced can be very successful. Also, try masturbating shortly before you do the horizontal dance and the session should last longer.

To Pee or Not to Pee

There is an exercise for the pubococcygeus (pc) muscle which is stopping and starting urine flow. The pc muscle is a kind of pelvic girdle that is responsible for orgasmic contractions. By strengthening this girdle you can help control PE. Pee then stop, then pee again and so on.


Confiding in your doctor about your premature ejaculation is pretty much equivalent to a confession booth, they have heard it all. The most common prescriptions recommended would be an anti-depressant and/or a numbing agent. However, some theories suggest an erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra or Cialis. These make you so hard it is actually more difficult to achieve ejaculation.

Put the Raincoat On

Okay, if you are in the field obviously you should be using a condom but if the relationship has gone past a condom you may want put it back on if you are experiencing PE. The condom puts a good squeeze on the penis enabling it to hold back excited ejaculate.

Eat Some Herb

No not cannabis. There are some other herbal remedies that may help PE. These include, St. John’s Wort, wild yam, ginseng, cordyceps sinensis (a type of fungus) , passion flower and white willow bark. Do take note that any consumption of herbal remedies needs to be discussed with your doctor to determine individual safety.

These are just some ways to prevent premature ejaculation. Give them a try and see if they help. Hopefully you will become the all night jackhammer you always wanted to be.


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