Preventing Premature Ejaculation Results in Better Sleep For Men

Better SleepPreventing premature ejaculation can be good not just for your sex life and romantic relationship. Preventing premature ejaculation can also help you sleep better.

Statistics prove that men who suffer from P.E. also tend to suffer from lack of sleep. Insufficient sleep brings problems of its own. You lack physical energy and stamina. You can have difficulty concentrating while driving or at work. You lack motivation. You can become stressed out and even depressed from not sleeping.

One of the leading causes of sleep deprivation is anxiety. And guess what? This is also one of the biggest factors that can possibly cause P.E. And it’s a vicious cycle if this is the case: you can’t sleep because you feel anxiety over something. The insufficient sleep that you get causes you even more anxiety. Ugh. And the same vicious cycle holds true for P.E.: you are experiencing P.E. because you feel anxiety over your sexual performance for whatever reason. This anxiety actually leads to making your premature ejaculation experience even more frequent or even more likely to occur. Ugh.

And of course, the fact that you are experiencing P.E. may be the very thing that is causing you so much worry, anxiety, and stress that you are losing sleep.  Losing sleep also negatively impacts your sexual performance. So there’s yet another wicked feedback loop.

Curing P.E. can therefore make you sleep better, so that you can get a brand new life. It may be that the cure for your P.E. and your sleep disorder are the same thing or are directly correlated.

One of the known cures for P.E. that works for many men is serotonin supplementation. Lack of serotonin in the brain can cause premature ejaculation, as the brain’s primitive systems get flooded with sensual and emotional information and the instinctive brain sends the signal down the spinal column that it’s time to ejaculate. However, it’s also been shown that lack of serotonin in the brain can lead to anxiety disorders, and serotonin enhancing drugs have been prescribed to treat paranoia, depression, and manic depression. Thus, if you are already suffering from anxiety attacks, it could be this that is now leading to your P.E. A serotonin supplement may be your answer, and if it is then as a result, with diminished anxiety, you not only last longer and become satisfying to your lover, you also enjoy more, better sleep.

It may also be that you are creating your own P.E. problem by doing other things that interfere with your sleep cycle, and this in turn is making you unable to perform sexually as you should. Too much caffeine, too much alcohol (especially at night), or even bringing the office home with you or worrying endlessly over money problems (instead of spending more wisely, etc) can all cause you loss of sleep, which can lead to anxious feelings or lack of concentration that lead to P.E.

Preventing premature ejaculation is a personal matter, but once you can do this you will likely find yourself sleeping better, too.

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