The Health Benefits To Sex – It’s Not Just For Baby Making

It is hot, wet and oh so pleasurable but it can also get sweaty, breathy and pulse pounding.  Sex is a workout, there is no two ways about it (unless you have a threesome, then that can be a marathon), but did you ever think about what actually happens to your body when you are thrusting, pumping and screaming like a lunatic?  The health benefits to sex can be a list of awesome stuff so next time you slam crotches think about some of these carnal gains.

Immunity Blast: IgA Increase

Having sex, even bad sex, can considerably improve and enhance your immune system.  The antibody IgA (immunoglobin A) is responsible for reducing and obliterating outside pathogens, especially those that cause the common cold.  According to studies performed at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, doing the horizontal dance with your mate two to three times per week increases IgA.

Let Off Some Steam
Okay, everybody is stressed out over one thing or another so go find someone and get grinding.  Intercourse (not masturbation, sorry Internet porn addicts) lowers blood pressure, which is usually at its peak in stressful situations.  It also releases endorphins, which are those feel good protein molecules that acts as a natural painkiller.

Fat Sucker
No, this is not a large woman who gives awesome blowjobs.  Sexual intercourse burns calories.  No surprise here because most of us are usually sweating and out of breath if we did anything worth talking about the next day. Studies show that kissing, groping and ‘intercourse-ing’ burns about eighty-five calories during a thirty minute session.  Knock out forty of these and you just killed about a pound of fat.  So cancel your gym membership and give out free passes to your bedroom.

Kick Your Prostate’s Ass
Okay Internet porn addicts this one is for you too.  Ejaculating at least five times per week has shown in studies by Australian researchers to reduce the possibility of prostate cancer and/or an enlarged prostate.  Having intercourse increases this benefit due to the hard thrusting that works out the whole genital area.  If you get into the taboo finger in the bunghole and massage that gland, well your eyes might roll back in your head too.

Slumber Like a Kid
If you have trouble sleeping then the doctor should order you to fornicate.  The release of natural hormone levels of oxytocin has been show to induce deep, uninterrupted sleep.  So next time your woman moans (after sex) about you falling out so fast, tell her it is not you it is your hormones.

Walk Into Your Meeting Like a Proud Peacock
Self-esteem increases considerably when having frequent sexual intercourse.  It makes us feel good about our bodies and our performance.  The health benefits to sex that include a better self-esteem can only mean that more people will walk around with their chins up and their chests out (which may lead to more sex!).



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