Warning! Heart Disease Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

ED_ReportFew Men Realize That Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Is An Early Symptom Of Potential Heart Disease.

By Joe Barton, Founder of Barton Publishing, Expert in Alternative Natural Health Remedies

Most men are under the mistaken idea that erectile dysfunction is an irreversible sentence that dooms them to a life of silent misery and shame. So as a result of this misinformation they trust in the dangerous sorcery of pharmaceutical magic.

Here’s the scary part . . .

Treating the symptom of erectile dysfunction simply doesn’t work and the little blue bullets that “prevent the cure” literally worsen the original problem. Ignoring the cause of your erectile dysfunction is a dangerous road to possibly diabetes, heart disease or sudden death.

Fact: Taking experimental drugs can accelerate the degeneration of your “underlying health problem” while complicating things with dangerous toxic effects.

Drugs commonly used to temporarily produce erections quietly damage already weakened organs, such as your kidneys, liver and immune system, sometimes causing blindness, dementia and
depression not to mention other physical, emotional and social disorders.

Unfortunately the modern culture of consumerism has people believing every symptom is a drug deficiency. Your sexual virility is the fruit of having a healthy body and mind, which
means if you are experiencing problems performing in the bedroom, you’ve been ignoring other messages your body has been trying to tell you.

New discoveries are teaching leading researchers to step back and take a closer look at the whole picture, rather than get distracted or even obsessed with smaller details. In the past Western medicine has focused strictly on the chemical and mechanical details of an isolated health issues.

This was very profitable for drug companies because they only needed to make a pill that would cover up a given symptom rather than come up with the cure.

Chemically blocking, or over-riding, your body’s systems has dire consequences. I’m sure you’d agree that ignoring the cause of a problem never makes it go away and in fact can only make things worse. It’s no different than ignoring an engine light on your car’s dashboard. What started out as something minor eventually becomes more and more complex, until one day the whole machine breaks down.

Here’s the 7 Degenerative Signs of Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

1.     The first symptom is loss of cellular energy
2.     The second is cellular toxicity
3.     The third cellular stress
4.     The fourth cellular inflammation
5.     The fifth is cellular degeneration
6.     The sixth is cellular hardening
7.     The seventh is cellular mutation

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can have one or many of these signs of degenerative health.

Loss of cellular energy slows waste elimination, which builds up toxic body waste. The toxic waste backs up in the body and leads to stress, triggering inflammation. People that use drugs to hide these signs and accelerate their own sexual degeneration, deplete more energy and ultimately entertain premature death.

As you can see everything about your health is related. I want you to see that erectile dysfunction (ED) is NOT a drug deficiency. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an energy deficiency. The first sign that you are dying is loss of energy, which as you can see leads to everything you don’t want.

The good news is you can prevent, reverse or cure your temporary erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms by using a natural proven remedy that increases your energy and testosterone levels all at

1.     If you already have erectile dysfunction and you also have a testosterone deficiency, you are in the highest risk for these other deadly complications.
2.     If you are a male over 40 have a large waist, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure or high blood sugar you are at the highest risk for erectile dysfunction (1).

We at Barton Publishing have put together a special report that covers these and many other natural ED remedies most people – even most doctors – have never even heard of.

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1) http://www.sciencedaily.com­/releases/2008/06/080616210025.htm

About the Author:
Joe Barton is the founder of Barton Publishing and NaturallyStiff.com which specializes in providing natural health alternative remedy reports that are safe, effective, and affordable. Joe and his team have developed step-by-step reports you can access quickly from your home computer.

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